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What We Do

We are a Managed Service Provider for small & medium businesses as well as home-offices.

Websites & Email Hosting

Simple or Complex. As a payment processor, reservations or not.

Setup your secure domain email to route incoming and outgoing client communications securely.


Installation & support of physical infrastructure to include cabling, network equipment, servers, workstations, copiers, cameras, and access control.


We leverage ITGlue and provide the benefit for our clients' access.


Training as support, at direct request, in referral, and also to empower our clients to ensure their employees verifabily meet industry mandated training.

Systems Administration

Proactive & reactive, both 'behind the scenes' and help-desk support.

We create, manage, and support your business technology infrastructure A-Z

Cyber Security

We lock-down our IT enviroments and patch updates, firmware, and harden systems to keep ahead of todays threats. We are also strong believers int the 3-2-1-1 backup method.

Critical alerts are sent 24/7 and we offer 24/7 support as an addon to our normal service package.


Services We Resell

Below are services we can sell indepedent of a service or support agreement. These would be managed by your business employees.

Managed Anti-virus and Remote Access

  • Online control panel, set policies and groups here
  • Automated alerts
  • Monthly & annual billing
  • Remote Access using an integrated screen sharing application (ISL Light)
  • Antivirus for Windows & Apple
  • Content filtering, web filtering, spam, software firewall, and more
  • Deploy via MSI or through online control panel. Set configuration and setup passwords to protect antivirus & components.

Compliance Manager

  • Online access through control panel
  • Select as many compliance frameworks which you'd like. The service will know what overlaps
  • Includes internal network & o365 scanners
  • Employee training portal included
  • Invite vendors & SME to participate
  • Entails answering a lot of questions, gathering your data, and showing your work. "Compliance is a journey"

Hosting for Websites and Email

  • Simple or complex website. Optional payment processor (online store) & booking / reservation system
  • Assist with setup of Office 365 or Google Workspace
  • Other options available (IMAP / POP), on premise or hosted online
  • 3rd party spam filtering available
  • DKIM, SPF setup and analysis

ITGlue & Autotask PSA

  • ITGlue "MyGlue" users both free and paid
  • Autotask users types: portal, taskfire, and potentially even full

Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Complete backup & recovery solution
  • Stores data locally & in cloud
  • Includes network virtualization
  • Integrates with Autotask, ITglue, and Compliance Manager services.