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How much detail does this really need? If it’s a computer we fix it!

If it’s a tablet, cell phone or gaming console, though we can configure, we don’t repair.


Upgrading, soldering, diagnosing, replacing monitors & keyboards– we do it all!

Our hourly rates apply (see pricing), and parts do not come with our Value Added Reseller warranty. If a device fails while under the manufacturer warranty, we will fix it at normal rates unless the failure can be attributed to us.

Sometimes after we’ve diagnosed a machine, it makes more sense to buy new equipment instead of paying money to have your old stuff fixed. In these instances we’ll offer a trade in services: your old equipment (which we will securely wipe, part out, recycle and sell) in exchange for wiping your bill and helping you transfer your data.

Similarly, see our customization and tweaking details for an explanation as to what we can do to increase performance.

Please note that there are liability wavers required before we can begin work.

Fixing computers is what we do.