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Our general rate is $95 an hour which we bill in increments of 30 minutes. Our after-hours rate is $190 an hour.   This fee is charged customers which do not want support contracts. It is also our fee for service which falls outside of a contract's scope.

Support Contracts:

Our support contracts offer discounts to our general rate and require annual commitments. Support contracts are usually bundled in with our sales and leasing services but can be also be purchased independently.

Pricing varies dependent upon on a number of factors to include the number of users, devices, your configuration & requirements. This price is determined after an initial consultation and are based upon a business's specific environment and our cost projections to support their environment.

After-hours support is not included in our basic service contract and must be requested and factored in the contract creation process if expected. That having been said, we are almost always available and we are not sticklers about charging! This is where our being a local business with ties to the community really shines: we want to help, we want you to succeed and we don't want contacting us to be  painful nor scary. Please contact us with your problems regardless of the time and if it is a billable instance, we'll let you know.  Don't sit on a simple question which would take one of us less than a minute to answer because you're worried you'll be billed $95!

Support contract costs are decreased for clients which allow us to take full ownership of their business-technology domain and implement best practice security.

Clients which do not allow us to take ownership, or who have a higher than expected cost of support will have higher rates to allow us to maintain our business and encourage best-practice behavior.

In some instances, a service contract may increase in price if the terms are breached.

A few, limited examples of this are:
- Buying 3 workstations and a server from us along side a support contract, then purchasing new hardware on your own, requiring everything to be setup again. Generally, we ask that our contracted clients buy their computers and related equipment through us. This allows us to  better manage equipment and time overhead and provide warranties on hardware.
- Your office structure is often re-arranging and demands our attention to re-arrange software or hardware to suit the new environment.
- Administrative passwords are improperly used, or security measures circumvented and create support incidents.

Click here to read more about support contracts!

Generally speaking, we spend time setting things up and the costs associated with service contracts are predicated upon our expectations. When those expectations are disrupted by specific willful actions, we must recoup our time.


Our hourly rate + cost of equipment.

Certain components and services qualify for service / support contracts.

In repair instances, costs can be deferred where hardware is traded in, please see our repair details page for more information.

Costs are also decreased for employees of our contracted clients who are seeking our services for their personal use.

Websites and apps:

For websites and similar creative content: a bulk of time investiture is in creating content. As such, we can set up the tools and configuration to allow you to tweak and create your website to your heart's desire - at minimal cost and with minimal skill. This can take as little as two hours of work.

If you'd prefer us to create your whole website we will work with you to create a website you're happy with. 

For work outside our scope we will work as a liaison between clients and vendors, adding value through setup, maintenance, and support. 

We do not set the fees of our vendors or contractor companies.

Computers, Electronics & Components: 

We resell hardware, purchase in bulk, and recycle electronics by parting them out or repairing them.

The cost depends on the number of devices purchased, quality, and market value. 

If our warranty or support is required for a device or component, we add a markup to support our expected cost (This is known as a Value Added Reseller)

Our hardware comes in three main categories: 

  1. New hardware for common use. 
  2. Used hardware: recycled from equipment we've accepted. 
  3. Components, new and used. This includes parts for custom computers.

Total cost billed is dependent upon the demands of specific jobs. We will always clearly define or express our costs before they're billed.