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As an MSP we create support contracts which outline expectations and responsibilities between MarKel and our clients.

Having an MSP is similar to having your own in-house tech geniuses, without the costs nor obligations which come with that.

Frequently, this is in conjunction with other services we provide: selling & leasing hardware. Support contracts generally include our other offerings such as repair and web services.

With a support contract, there are no additional charges or incident fees*, and thus there is no reason to be hesitant in contacting support.

We’ll also act on your behalf to contact other support companies, leaving you free to do other things.

Check out our availability details  for situations which make the case to hire an MSP.

A support contract ties together all of our services and include other benefits, like decreased computer service cost for your employees personal use.

* In some instances support contracts are in breach of their terms and incur additional costs. Please see our Pricing Details page for examples of these situations.