What Is IT?

What Is IT?

Since MarKel Computers and Consulting, Inc (MKCC) is an MSP (Managed Service Provider) the technical knowledge required is both wide in scope and constantly evolving.

Since we're a small business, each employee represents a large portion of the company.

Working for an MSP is considered a 'gold standard' in employment experience (don't take my word for it, search it!) and if done right, can create individual with skills and experience which are preferential to freshly-minted graduates.

Working in similar fields you're usually placed in a limited-scope position where your expected to excel at a single or limited number of tasks. Working at an MSP you're expected to do much more -- though it wouldn't be fair to say "do it all" , 1 man MSP companies exist, however at MKCC teamwork and related interplay are critical aspects.
A great example of this is sales: IT employees working for large corporations don't (usually) have to interact with sales - further, it's not as simple as "send them a bill" or "if they need it they buy it" - while labor and time are critical considerations, its easy to lose the trust and faith of clients if they think you're taking advantage of them or don't trust / like you.

There's a lot potential for individual growth, much more so than simply 'doing the needful'. The industry benefits with people who are passionate about technology, business, and socializing.

A growth-mindset, observation and analytics, admitting when you don't know and seeking to address are critical mindsets.

Savannah is a big-small-town (or was it Small-Big-Town?) - it's easy to make a name for ones-self and in this industry you're interacting with companies as a whole: from the part-time 'runner' to the business owner or board-of-partners.

MKCC's upcoming expansion includes onboarding with (additional!) industry-leading platforms and industry-critical services. It would be most efficient if we had additional employees to grow with us.