Microsoft Security Patch affects Outlook Search

In the last two days, we’ve received a number of calls for help with MS Outlook’s search.

Microsoft released two security patches earlier in the week:
KB4022715 and KB4022725

These patches fix several critical security flaws (Allegedly! :P) and also break the communication between Outlook and your computer’s search index.

As a temporary solution, we’re asking affected end-users to disable your computer’s indexing of Outlook. This will cause Outlook to default to a built in, slower, search.


Step by step:

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Click the start button (in Windows. It’s in the lower left hand corner – and has the Windows logo)
  3. Type, index and open “Indexing Options” (alternatively, indexing options can be found in the control panel)
  4. In those Indexing Options, look for a button labeled “MODIFY”
  5. Find Outlook in that list, and uncheck it. Hit OK and then CLOSE.
  6. Close & reopen Outlook.
  7. Search in Outlook should now default to the built-in search.

Then, we wait! Wait for Microsoft to release a follow-up patch.


When we’re ready to to turn indexing back on, the steps are nearly the same, except instead of unchecking Outlook in the MODIFY section, we’ll be checking it.  (Note: Indexing can take a little while, so when Outlook indexing is turned back on, your results may be incomplete until the index finishes its job!)